Our on axis accurate patterns ensure that lenses fit securely in each and every frame. They are manufactured from high impact polystyrene and come in industry standard ivory with black imprint. Imprint includes logo, style, size and nasal marking. Box measurements can also be printed upon customer request.

Motif is proud to service numerous valuable and long standing clients, from retail shops and opticians to some of the largest eyewear distributors and manufacturers nationwide...and the list keeps growing.

Motif produces patterns by:
1. Creating set-up from customers supplied frames
2. Duplicating customers master pattern ( whenever available )
3. Utilizing customer supplied CAD drawings ( .dxf or .dwg formats )

Drill charts include the details necessary for getting the right lens fit on rimless frames. Use of our static cling templates make them even more error proof.

drillchart Simply peel the static cling from it's liner and match up the outline to the lens. The hole marks are exactly where you need to drill.

NO  guesswork neccessary
NO  wasted lenses from incorrect placement

Optical Patterns &
Drill Charts

Edging & Glazing/
Sun & Demo Lenses

Frame Reprocessing
Repair Program
Case Reprocessing
Labels & Tags
Printing & Stamping

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