Return Processing & Refurbishing
Each returned item is identified and inspected for damage. Products returned in good condition are re-shipped or returned to inventory and the goods that don't meet resale standards are either refurbished (whenever possible), disposed of, or sent back to the manufacturer. We can also monitor your returns activity and provide you with a better understanding of why returns are occurring. Our main objective is to get your product back into the marketplace as quickly as possible.
Product Recall Handling
Whether you require your recalled items to be returned or you need repair kits to be sent out to your customers, we can assist you with this process.
Destruction & Disposal
Production overruns, manufacturers defect items, closeouts, recalled products, expired goods and more. Our services include complete destruction, recycling and disposal.
Warehousing &

Fulfillment Services
Valued Added

Return Processing
Shipping & Trucking

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